Minnie Dlamini (Images: Minnie Dlamini/Instagram)

‘ikhekhe Eli ngaka’: Minnie Dlamini’s Skin-Tight Outfit Shocks Fans, Reveals More Than Expected

TV personality Minnie Dlamini recently turned heads on social media after sharing a photo of herself in a stylish beige outfit.

While the one-piece suit and fur coat combo garnered praise for its fashionable appeal, it was a different feature of the ensemble that caught the attention of eagle-eyed fans.

Minnie Dlamini Sparks Frenzy with Skin-Tight Outfit, Reveals More Than Expected

Minnie Dlamini in her skin-tight outfit (Images: Minnie Dlamini/Instagram)

The TV personality looked radiant in the outfit she wore to a friend’s recent birthday party. She posted the glamorous photos on Instagram with the caption, “You know it’s winter when we bring out the fur 💎”. However, it wasn’t just the chic attire that grabbed her followers’ attention—it was the noticeable cameltoe.

The reality star’s social media followers did not hold back, flooding the comments section with a range of humorous and suggestive remarks. The conversation quickly spiralled, with users making crude observations and insinuations about Dlamini’s appearance. Here are some of the comments from across social media platforms:


Heeee,,,,😳😳😳ikhekhe Eli ngaka…..yerrrr….😋😋😋


Ulibonile ukuthi ikhekhe lingakanani 🙆😭


Kuku ekantle kaofela


You can tell with what when a woman is back on the market


Getting to that stage where she gotta show some cervix to get some attention

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Dlamini Shuts Down Reconciliation Rumors

This latest incident comes shortly after the TV personality addressed rumours about a potential reconciliation with her ex-husband, Quinton Jones. In a recent interview, Dlamini revealed that she was indeed back on the market, stating,

“I want to set the record straight—I am not rekindling any relationship with him. Whoever initiated this gossip is far from reality. That chapter of my life is firmly closed.”

Furthermore, Dlamini revealed that she has taken steps to reclaim her identity, opting to revert to her maiden surname on official documents stating,

“Although the divorce is pending, I’ve opted to reclaim my identity as Minnie Dlamini. My identification documents now reflect this change.”

By Tayana