Convicted Rapist Flees DieticianConvicted Rapist Flees After A Hospital Visit To See A Dietician [Image: DCS]

South Africans are in shock after a convicted rapist fled during a hospital visit to see a dietician yesterday.

Clatta Gumbo shook off prison officials and escaped yesterday during a visit to Mamelodi Regional Hospital in Tshwane. Gumbo had been in jail since 2018 following his conviction for rape, kidnapping and assault. He was serving a life sentence at Baviaanspoort Correctional Centre in Tshwane.


How The Convicted Rapist Fled During A Visit To A Dietician

Gumbo complained of being ill, and the Baviaanspoort Correctional Centre officials took him to Mamelodi Regional Hospital. He was scheduled to consult with a dietician. It was during this time that he attacked the officials who were hoisting guns and spirited off.

The spokesperson  of the Department of Correctional Services Singabakho Nxumalo confirmed the strange incident:

“Admitted as an offender on 28 August 2018, Gumbo is serving a life sentence for rape, kidnapping and assault at Baviaanspoort Correctional Centre in Tshwane. He was escorted to the hospital for a consultation with a Dietician when he attacked the guarding official, disarmed him and escaped from the hospital premises.”


Convicted Rapist Flees Dietician
Convicted Rapist Flees After A Hospital Visit To See A Dietician [Image: Sydney Criminal Lawyers]


The Department of Correctional Services has said it is working flat out to find Gumbo and drag him back to jail. They also appealed to the public to report to the police when they spot him in public.

“Correctional Services is appealing to anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of the escapee to contact the nearest correctional facility or a police station. Crucially, we encourage members of the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to law enforcement authorities. Public safety is our utmost priority, and every effort is being made to effect a rearrest of Gumbo.”


Prison Breaks in Mzansi

Prison escapes are rampant in South African jails. The most infamous escape is that of Thabo Bester, who faked his death in a well-planned and coordinated break in 2022. He was caught in 2023 in Tanzania, fleeing away.

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Last October, two convicted criminals fled from Nkandla Correctional Centre and Vryheid Correctional Centre, respectively. They ran away while they were working.

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