Dances For Construction WorkersMinnie's Cousin Entertains Construction Workers As She Dances For Them [Image: X]

Minnie’s cousin has caused a rave online after she entertained construction workers by dancing for them as they worked.

The construction workers were on site, finishing a building they were hoisting up. The contracted builders were constructing a posh mansion in one of Johannesburg’s leafy and rising suburbs.

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Minnie’s Cousin Dances For Construction Workers

The building they were constructing was adjacent to a residential area. Surprisingly, Minnie’s cousin stays there.

The cousin was having a wild time indoors. She peeped over the window of her plush home and saw the construction workers hard at work. They were building a multi-storey mansion, now at the window level of the first floor.

Minnie’s cousin then decided to be naughty while also giving the workers a blast.

She went and wore her black bikini, grabbed a beer of alcohol, went to the balcony for the builders to see and gyrated. The lady would turn to show her jelly nyash to them and shake it. The construction workers stopped working and smiled, watching the spectacle. Some even went inside the structure to invite their mates to see.


Dances For Construction Workers
Minnie’s Cousin Entertains Construction Workers As She Dances For Them [Image: X]


Watch the funny video here.

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Mzansi Amused As Minnie’s Cousin Thrills


“Looks like the construction site isn’t the only thing getting a rise out of those workers! 😏💦”


“Hayi bandla 😂😂😂😂 Can’t a man just be left to work and go home? This is a serious distraction 😂😂”


“The wife at home will be saying ubaba is at work while he is busy drooling over a random woman tw_rking😂”

Da Vinci:

“Who needs a lunch break when you’ve got front-row seats to this performance? 😆👀” 


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