Cyril Ramaphosa ImpeachmentCyril Ramaphosa (Image: BBC/Getty)

Cyril Ramaphosa Faces Impeachment as EFF Demands Action on Phala Phala Report

In a surprise move, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party has demanded the removal of President Cyril Ramaphosa from office. The EFF has initiated a process that could lead to Ramaphosa’s impeachment.

Moments before the nominations for the President-elect, EFF’s Floyd Shivambu approached the newly-elected Speaker of the National Assembly, Thoko Didiza, and informed her that the party had sent a letter requesting the impeachment of President Ramaphosa over the Phala Phala scandal.

“We have also delivered the hard copy letters to you now so you can pay attention to this now,” he said.

In the letter, the EFF submitted an urgent draft resolution under Rule 119 of the National Assembly Rules, which allows members to propose a subject for discussion or a draft resolution for approval.

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Grounds for EFF’s Cyril Ramaphosa Impeachment Request

The letter explained that an independent panel had previously found a prima facie case for Ramaphosa’s impeachment over the Phala Phala matter. Although the National Assembly had voted against establishing an impeachment committee in December 2022, the EFF argued that this decision was based on Ramaphosa’s court challenge, which has since been dismissed by the Constitutional Court.

The EFF stated that the independent panel’s report is an authoritative document, and any failure by Parliament to act on it would be a dereliction of its constitutional duties.

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Speaker’s Response

Speaker Thoko Didiza acknowledged the EFF’s letter and said the matter would need to be deliberated upon, as there was a process initiated by the previous administration.

“Once we’ve considered your letter we will give you a response on how the seventh administration will proceed with the matter,” she said, adding that the proceedings would continue.

By Tayana