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WATCH: Mzansi in Stitches as Skomota Gets Rejected By Woman in Lesotho

Social media sensation Skomota, known for his popularity with the ladies, has found himself in an unexpected situation. During a recent trip to Lesotho, Skomota’s advances towards a woman in a bar were firmly rejected, much to the amusement of social media users.

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The Ultimate Ladies’ Man Stumbles

In a video shared online, Skomota approached a woman sitting in a bar, casually drinking a Black Label beer. However, the woman did not reciprocate Skomota’s interest and swiftly rebuffed his advances, even going so far as to make a threatening gesture of swiping her hand across her throat while pointing at him.

Unfazed, the woman continued sipping her beer as Skomota stood by, with a solemn expression on his face, while dancing to the music playing in the background.

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Mzansi in Stitches as Skomota Gets Rejected in Lesotho

The video, shared by a user on X (formerly Twitter), has sparked a lively discussion. Some expressed surprise at the woman’s choice of drink, as many prefer softer options like ciders, while others found humour in Skomota’s failed attempt at wooing the woman.

However, some users suggested that the short video clip may not have captured the full context of the exchange and that there might have been a more complex interaction leading up to the rejection.

Here are some of the comments:


lol strange to see a girl drink Black Label 😭😂😂😂😭😭😭 When they with us they want ice tropez 😂 life no balance hey


He has been accustomed to this inappropriate behavior of harassing women in clubs, and his team does not hold him accountable. I am glad he met his match.😅 Lesotho women do not tolerate such nonsense.👏

I love how she elbows him towards the end, as if threatening to slit his throat wasn’t enough
Thr problem with short videos, this lady has been shooting him a video and laughing then he insulted her, she didn’t like it and they started exchanging words. Damn!!! Social media
It’s for her reputation.. but my question is what if it was out of camera would the same respond be given?

Watch the Viral Video

You can watch the video of Skomota being rejected by a woman in Lesotho below:

By Tayana