Skomota with womenFans Outraged as Women Get Hands-On With Skomota [Image: X]

Social media users in Mzansi are expressing outrage after women went hands-on with viral sensation Skomota.


“Ngwana Sesi”

Skomota has been in the news recently after flying with international dancer Limpopo Boy to the United Kingdom (UK). Limpopo Boy had promised to fly the viral sensation one day and fulfilled it last week.

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Skomota, born Thabang Sefala, broke the internet last year with his life of the party.

He allegedly won R3 million at Betway, and his life has never been the same. Following his win, he started clubbing and having a good time. He would rock up looking trendy on nights out and sip on the most expensive bottles.

Because of his money, Skomota would attract the freshest women at the club. They would rush to and dance for him, sometimes even showering him with kisses.

As his stork rose, promoters started booking Skomota for performances. There, he would dance and lip sync for revellers, who always loved him. In April, it emerged that Skomota would have his reality television show on Moja Love TV. The show will delve into his life and recent rise to fame.

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Women Get Hand-On With Skomota

Skomota with women
Fans Outraged as Women Get Hands-On With Skomota [Image: X]


Recently, Skomota went to have fun at a hangout spot. A lady approached him, and the two grabbed each other and started kissing passionately. As she walked away, Skomota tapped her lustily.

Another woman appeared, and Skomota inserted his hand between her thighs.



Fans online complained that people are taking advantage of Skomota.


“Women are having s_x with a physically challenged man to scam him for money. And no one saying anything about it…”


“Man is sick; from now onwards, anyone we see pumping this boy, we arrest. Community arrest bafo.”


“If it were Men, it would be something different, amaxoki abafazi!”


“Jikijiki Men r trash, Men rape, they give men all sort of names but can’t fix their own, lezinto ezimbi lezi nxaaa! Ey kodwa yena udla amnandi these days I doubt uzovuma ukyeka😜”


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