Skomota Bags a Reality Show on Moja Love Skomota Bags a Reality Show on Moja Love [Image: Skomota/Facebook]

Social Media Divided as Skomota Secures Reality Show Spot on Moja Love

Viral internet sensation Skomota is making waves on social media after it emerged that he has bagged a reality TV show on Moja Love.

Skomota catapulted into the limelight last year, captivating audiences with his extraordinary dance moves. His romantic entanglements with many women have only amplified his celebrity status, causing a surge in his popularity across multiple social media platforms.

Undeterred by his initial success, Skomota is forging ahead in the entertainment industry and has recently secured his very own reality show.

Skomota Lands Reality TV Show on Moja Love

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, entertainment commentator Phil Mphela announced that Skomota and his friend cum manager Skhothane Sa Pitori have bagged a reality show on Moja Love.

Skomota and Skhothane Sa Pitori bag a reality show

Skomota Secures Reality Show Spot on Moja Love
Skomota Secures Reality Show Spot on Moja Love [Image: Skomota/Facebook]
The reality show, reportedly already in production, will showcase Skomota’s pregnant girlfriend and Skhothane’s companions, among others.

The social media popular pair will star in a new reality show commissioned by Moja Love. The show is currently shooting and will feature Skomota’s pregnant “girlfriend” as well as Skhothane’s “ladies”,” Phil Mphela revealed.

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Social Media Reacts  to Skomota’s Reality Show Announcement

The news of Skomota securing a reality show has taken Mzansi by surprise, sparking a range of reactions on social media. While some users expressed criticism towards Moja Love, arguing that there are other individuals who are more popular and deserving of a reality show opportunity, others went a step further by threatening to cancel their DStv subscriptions.

Here are some of the reactions;


Moja love doesn’t care about us.

They will do anything for money.

@MojaLoveTv  teach us something for Christ sake….


Nonsense! Entleke why can’t SA entertainment industry get talented and deserving people on our screens?


Now this is rubbish. I’m glad I don’t pay my Dstv anymore….We need to boycott dstv for real now


Moja love doesn’t respect us 😶…Yoooooo I mean come on now, what does he have to offer that’s entertaining


@eugenekhoza Was right ! Seems the bar has been set too low in Sa

However, there were social media users who came to Skomota’s defence, asserting that he embodies authenticity and represents a triumphant figure who has overcome formidable challenges.


One of the most authentic personal brands. This guy gets money for being himself and doesn’t force it. I don’t think he knows how big of a deal he is.

Power to him

Being real pays man. Tlwellang bo fake thinking money needs to only come when you mask yourself out of character


You are all jealous…work on it and allow people to prosper irrespective of their social standard or mental status, Skomota is an epitome of victory against it all, allow him to win, give support, who knows maybe you will get your own portion of prosperity as you celebrate others.

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