Muvhango Actors ContractsMuvhango cast (Image: ZiMoja)

Uncertainty Surrounds Future of Muvhango Actors as Contract Negotiations Stall

The fate of the beloved actors from South Africa’s long-standing television series, Muvhango, hangs in the balance as contract negotiations remain unresolved.

According to reports, anxiety has gripped the cast of Muvhango as they remain in the dark about their contracts, which are set to expire at the end of the month.

According to sources close to the production, contracts are typically signed by the end of April, coinciding with the financial year’s close. However, discussions between producers and actors are yet to commence.

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Muvhango Actors’ Contracts Run Out

Typically, at this time of the year, actors are aware of the situation and have some indication of their future and the direction the show will take. An anonymous actor who spoke to ZiMoja expressed the difficulties faced in planning their lives, particularly during this period of uncertainty surrounding their work on Muvhango.

“We are concerned. Month end is slowly approaching and no one is saying anything to us. We don’t know whether we should start looking for jobs elsewhere or if we must just wait and hope our contracts get renewed,” the actor said.

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Actors Go Unpaid For 3 Months

Another source revealed that the show’s creator and executive producer, Duma Ndlovu, shares the frustration of the cast and crew. They further disclosed that many actors fear the possibility of earning the same or reduced salaries if contracts are rushed due to the limited time available for negotiations.

Adding to the concerns, a cast member informed ZiMoja that some actors had not received payment for three months, leading to ongoing complaints.

“People are scared to come forward and expose what is happening at the SABC because they will be written off and will never get jobs. Not everyone is as vocal as Vatiswa Ndara who is also struggling to get jobs at the moment,” added the source.

By Tayana