Nandipha Ignores Thabo BesterDr Nandipha Ignores Thabo Bester [Image: @Sli_Masikane/X]

South Africans on the internet are questioning the sweet union after Dr Nandipha seemed to ignore Thabo Bester in court.


Back In The Dock

Thabo Bester, Dr Nandipha Magudumana and the six co-accused returned today to the Bloemfontein High Court for their court proceedings. Today’s session is a pre-trial conference. The court had postponed the pre-trial conference because Bester’s legal team had withdrawn.

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Thabo Bester, along with Dr Nandipha Magudumana and six other co-defendants, including former G4S employees, are facing serious charges, including aiding a prison escape, obstruction of justice, fraud, and arson.

In a recent court appearance, Bester appealed to the High Court for special arrangements to accommodate his dietary needs during court sessions. Bester, who has been held at Grootvlei Maximum Prison during the pre-trial phase, cited his diabetes as the reason he couldn’t eat the breakfast provided at the facility. He also told the court that he could not facilitate his lawyers as he did not have access to a phone.


Dr Nandipha Ignores Thabo Bester In Court

Nandipha Ignores Thabo Bester
Dr Nandipha Ignores Thabo Bester [Image: @Sli_Masikane/X]


When the doctor and the Facebook rapist, together with the six co-accused, appeared in court, Dr Nandipha greeted her father. She hugged him for a long while as they exchanged whispers.

Thabo Bester was sitting a row behind them. Afterwards, Dr Nandipha ignored Bester and walked to her seat, waiting for the court proceedings to commence.



Social media users had a thing or two to say about the incident.


“It’s probably because Nandipha and Thabo slept last night and woke up this morning together. We can’t rule anything out anymore. Our correctional services department never ceases to amaze.”


“Why is wifey not greeting husband these days 😂😂😂Nike and edges always u girl.”


“They are acting.”


“Bonnie and Clyde ever has passed 😢”


“Lol. They don’t have any beef. I’m sure her legal team told her that. All the PDA will not help her at all. I’m sure they are still good.”

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