Dj Fresh Accused Of Rape Again

DJ Fresh woes far from over!

It seems the dark cloud hanging over disgraced media personality DJ Fresh is nowhere near over. The disgraced DJ was recently axed from his afternoon drivetime slot on contemporary urban radio station 947 after charges of sexual abuse were laid against him. The case was thrown out of court due to a lack of evidence. Fresh and co-accused DJ Euphonik, who was also let go from Primedia, took to social media to gloat about their victory.

Three weeks ago, Fresh claimed in a tweet that one of the victim’s family members contacted him and told him the victim was a pathological liar. The family released a statement yesterday refuting the claims and insisted on supporting their daughter for standing up against sexual abuse.

They then instructed Fresh to disclose the name of the family member, threatening to take legal action. The former radio host came under fire on social media, where he was accused of trying to discredit the victim’s character.

@yayahCreative TV producers say you’re the hardest person to get a hold of. Even Sizwe Dhlomo wa Sizwe Dhlomo couldn’t reach you for a show. This is on a normal day. Worse ke when there’s controversy around you. Now we must believe a random number ka aunti was able to reach you and gossip?? Sir

As if things could not get any worse, another victim comes out against DJ Fresh on social media this morning, claiming she has constitutional backup and evidence of his predatory ways.

@TheKingsTings I hope they come for me. Cause I have the institutional backing (and also living proof to back it up) but I’ve been aware of DJ Fresh as a predator since I was in late high school. I just didn’t have the language to call it rape then


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