DJ Sbu reveals he was accused of a fake pregnancyDJ Sbu-Image Source(Twitter)

DJ Sbu reveals fake pregnancy accusation for extortion

South African entrepreneur and media personality, Sbusiso “DJ Sbu” Leope recently revealed that he was falsely accused of impregnating a woman he did not know to extort money from him. The DJ shared the story on the Virtual Mkhukhu podcast, discussing his experiences navigating celebrity status.

DJ Sbu’s Fake Pregnancy Accusation

DJ opens up about fake pregnancy allegations
DJ Sbu-Image Source(Twitter)

According to DJ Sbu, while working at YFM, a woman from KwaZulu-Natal approached him after hours, alleging that she had a one-night stand with him and threatening to go to the media if he did not pay her money. The DJ stated that the woman later admitted to lying, revealing that she and her family were struggling financially and that her mother had convinced her to make up the story and extort money from him.

Dealing with Financial Decisions

DJ Sbu has been open about his financial journey and mistakes while advancing in the entertainment industry. He has talked about living a lavish lifestyle and making poor financial decisions. In an appearance on The Penuel Show podcast, he spoke of overspending and living a lifestyle that made him look richer than he was. However, he has since learned from his experiences and is now navigating his finances more effectively.

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Moving Forward

DJ Sbu opens up about fake pregnancy allegations
DJ Sbu-Image Source(Instagram)

Although the false pregnancy accusation was a problematic experience for DJ Sbu, he has managed to move past it and has continued to grow in his career. He is now a successful businessman with various ventures, including MoFaya Energy Drink and a record label. He has also used his platform to inspire others, sharing his experiences and encouraging young people to pursue their dreams while being mindful of their financial decisions.

Overall, the story of DJ Sbu’s false accusation serves as a reminder that success can come with its own set of challenges and that financial responsibility is essential for long-term stability.


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