Convert Church To TavernDrama As Building Owners Convert Church To A Tavern In Limpopo [Image: @Ori_RSA/X

Social media users are cracking over a church building that was converted to a tavern in South Africa recently.

Church Building Converted Into A Tavern In Limpopo

The considerably imposing building is normally used as a parish in a local community in Malamulele, Limpopo Province. The owners of the structure also built it to specifically serve the purpose of a church, looking at the types of windows and doors builders installed.

Every Sunday, worshippers flock to the church to nourish their spirits and fellowship with other believers.

However, it seems all that is now on pause.

Social media reports suggest that the owners of the building convert it to a tavern every December. This is because they will be taking advantage of the December mood and cashing in on it.

A social media user from the area posted on X:

“This building in my hood has been a church since January, but now it has been converted into a tavern just for December❤️” 

The picture which he shared on X shows cars parked around the church, with revelers chilling outside and enjoying some booze. The windows of the building expose that it really is a church which has now been converted.

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Mzansi Howling


Convert Church To Tavern
Drama As Building Owners Convert Church To A Tavern In Limpopo [Image: @Ori_RSA/X
Social media users are rolling in laughter over the church building which is now a tavern for December groove.

Chris Excel:

“Church members watching us drinking alcohol in peace in the house of the Lord.”


“Is it gonna stay that way or they’ve bought the place?” 


“So on Christmas and Sundays of December, do they fight for the place maybe?👀” 


“Jesus AIN’T coming back no more!!” 


“😂😂It comes down to what brings more profit during which month…” 


“Smart😂😭 Let them church elsewhere for December.”


“They are getting baptised in Alcohol and Sunday on alcohol! So draw draw… 😭🤞😏🙌😅😅😅😅😅😅😅” 


“Whoever is running that business is smart….Turnover for it will be in hundreds of thousands rands.”



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