Mother Dumps Newborn BabyWATCH: Two Men Rescue A Newborn Baby Moments After The Mother Dumps Him In A Sewage Swamp [Image: MDN News/X]

South Africans are bewildered after two men rescued a newborn baby moments after his mother dumps him in a sewage swamp.

The new mother delivered the healthy baby but she had a strange bone to chew with the innocent soul. Despite the joy of mothers at childbirth, she felt a deep resentment.


Two Men Rescue Newborn Baby As Mother Dumps Him In A Sewage Swamp

Despite carrying the baby for a painful nine months, she hatched an evil plan to get rid of the baby once she delivered it. And she did not care how inhumane her scheme was. It had to be done.

After giving birth, she did not even care to clothe the new and vulnerable baby she had delivered. She left the hospital under the impression that she was going home.

However, she took a different route and headed towards a secluded sewage swamp at a distant. The new mother took out a big plastic back, stuffed her newborn baby inside and tightly fastened it.

Shockingly, she threw her baby into the sewage water.

However, some people saw her throw the baby from a distance but could not catch her. They swiftly turned their attention to the baby.


Mother Dumps Newborn Baby
WATCH: Two Men Rescue A Newborn Baby Moments After The Mother Dumps Him In A Sewage Swamp [Image: MDN News/X]


In a video trending on social media, the men got a garden rake and reached for the plastic. They managed to hook and drag it from the pungent water. Upon untying the plastic, the saviours took out the unclothed baby, who was miraculously alive.

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Tears On The TL

Social media users are in pain over the dumped newborn baby the two men rescued.


“Men also, thatha phela unana & wrap them in something! emotional intelligence- zero. Glad he saved the baby though, yhoo!” 


“Those men should be blessed with whatever they want 🫡” 


“Agg maan, use a condom if you know ukuth uthanda ip*p, sf*b* sikanondindwa nxa! 😭😡😡😡” 


“Why do women do such things?” 


“Oh they saved the baby on time🥺🙏🏾” 



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