Thando Thabethe-Image Source(Instagram)Thando Thabethe-Image Source(Instagram)

‘Elon Musk Paid For It’ Thando Thabethe On Her Twitter Blue Checkmark Verification

Social media platform Twitter recently introduced a new subscription service called Twitter Blue. As part of this new service, the company did away with the blue checkmarks verification for all users who did not pay the $8.00 subscription fee. However, media personality Thando Thabethe is one of the few celebrities who still has her blue checkmark verification, even after claiming that she did not pay for it. In a recent tweet, Thabethe claimed that Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, is the one who paid for her verification.

Elon Musk’s Decision to Remove Blue Checkmarks

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, recently made the decision to remove blue checkmarks verified accounts from the platform. This decision was met with widespread criticism, especially from celebrities who had to pay $8.00 to retain their verified Twitter accounts. However, Musk claimed that he would be paying for the blue checkmarks verification for only three accounts, those of Lebron James, Stephen King, and William Shartner.

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Thando Thabethe Claims Elon Musk Paid for Her Verification

Thando Thabethe-Image Source(Instagram)
Thando Thabethe-Image Source(Instagram)

Despite claiming that she would not pay for her blue checkmarks verification, Thando Thabethe still has her verification on Twitter. In a recent tweet, Thabethe claimed that Elon Musk paid for her verification. This claim has not been verified by either Thabethe or Musk. However, it is worth noting that celebrities will now regain their blue checkmarks without paying the $8.00 subscription fee, according to Pop Base.

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Stephen King Notices His Verification Still on His Account

Author Stephen King noticed that his blue checkmarks verification was still on his Twitter account. This was despite promises from the platform that all checkmarks would be removed if users did not pay. King tweeted that his Twitter account said he had subscribed to Twitter Blue and given a phone number, which he had not done.

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Celebrities Regain Blue Checkmarks Verification

According to Pop Base, celebrities will now regain their blue checkmarks verification without paying the $8.00 subscription fee. This means that users like Thando Thabethe will not have to pay for their verification to remain on the platform. It remains to be seen whether or not Elon Musk paid for Thabethe’s verification, as she claimed in her tweet.

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