Prince Kaybee and Uncle WafflesPrince Kaybee and Uncle Waffles-Image Source@Instagram

‘Men Curated Uncle Waffles’ Career’ Prince Kaybee Ruffles Feathers With Bold Claims

South African DJ and producer Prince Kaybee recently sparked controversy by claiming that men curated the career of famous female DJ Uncle Waffles. The rising star shot to fame after a viral video of her dancing and spinning decks to the tune of Adiwele caught the attention of many. However, Prince Kaybee’s comment on a clip of Waffles dancing with Ciara brought to light the question of whether her success resulted from men behind the scenes.

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Waffles Responds to Growing Hate and Criticism

In response to the backlash, Uncle Waffles took to social media to address the negativity and clarify the role of her management team. She expressed her frustration with the misinterpretation of her story and how her moment was being taken away by the negativity surrounding her management team. She also announced that she would no longer handle her social media accounts due to the overwhelming hate she had been receiving.

DJ Uncle Waffles
Uncle Waffles-Image Source(Instagram)

Uncle Waffles emphasized her gratitude towards her team and those who have supported her throughout her journey. She made it clear that the hate was affecting her and the people in her life who have helped and believed in her.

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Critics Slam Waffles’ Skills as a DJ

Despite her rising popularity, not everyone is convinced of Uncle Waffles’ talent as a DJ. YouTube personality Slik Talk openly criticized her, stating she was the worst, highest-paid DJ he had ever heard. He questioned whether she would still be relevant once the Adiwele song fell off and accused her of being a pretty face with zero talent.


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