Sir Trill Record LabelSir Trill [Image: Instagram/@sir_trillsa]

Empowered and Independent: Sir Trill Launches Record Label After Exploitation Experience

Sir Trill, amapiano vocalist, has launched his own record company.

Sir Trill, whose real name is Tumelo Mzwakhe Zwane, opted to launch his own record label and be independent after being exploited for a long time in the music industry by greedy managers and record labels.

Sir Trill Record Label
Sir Trill [Image: Instagram/@sir_trillsa]
Sir Trill shared on his Instagram stories that he has started his own record label, Ghost Music Group.

In one post, he wrote;

“Happy to tell you the label is here, a home of ghosts.”

In another post, he wrote,

Welcoming a few people home!.” 

Sir Trill posted videos of his new recording studio on his Instagram account.

About a month ago, he said on social media that DJ Maphorisa’s label was exploiting him.

Sir Trill trended on social media when he revealed that he was never paid for any of the hit songs he had made. He also said he was ‘mentally tired’.

“It’s tiring and mentally damaging. So many hits and I’ve never seen a cent. I’m tired.

The Amapiano vocalist said he was now fed up with working hard and getting nothing for his efforts.

Never been an artist that talks much or exposes much. This will definitely be a joke to some of y’all. Which I understand. But it’s mentally damaging and exhausting. What are we working so much for?”

“Be back when you need me a better artist and man. I love ya’ll so much. You changed my life… See you at shows,” he wrote.

Sir Trill’s tweets left South Africa concerned. Rumours that he had died began to spread on social media, and people even made up false stories about him committing suicide and shared RIP messages online.

However, Sir Trill dismissed the rumours and set the record straight.