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A Lasting Tribute| Fans Show Their Love For AKA With Stunning Tattoos

Some of AKA’s fans have shown their love for the late rapper by getting tattoos of his face and name inked on their bodies.

South Africans are still struggling with the death of rapper AKA, who was fatally shot outside Wish restaurant on Florida Road in Durban on February 10.

AKA’s friend and former manager, Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane, was also caught in the shooting and later passed away.

On Friday, a memorial service was held for AKA at Sandton Convention Centre, with fans who had purchased tickets to the event in attendance.

The rapper was later laid to rest at a private funeral attended by close friends and family on Saturday.

Since his passing, AKA’s devoted fans, known as the Megacy, have been paying tribute to the rapper by sharing video clips and pictures of him. Some talented fans have also created portraits in honor of him.

Some of AKA’s dedicated fans have gone above and beyond to show their love and admiration for the late rapper by getting tattoos of his face and name inked on their bodies.

Here are some of the most impressive tattoos of AKA from his fans that we have compiled:

AKA Tattoos
AKA Tattoos (Image: @king_sja_/Instagram)


AKA Tattoos
AKA Tattoo (Image: @RubuThulisa/Twitter)

The decision by some fans to get tattoos of AKA’s face and name has sparked a range of reactions. Here are some of the comments:


Still¡! Ask them for a tattoo of their passed-on parent/relative who did everything for them. They wouldn’t deliver. Sometimes if not most, it is clout. Let’s learn to be true and genuine to ourselves man. NB: Luckily and empowering, it’s their body, their choice!


This is fatherless behavior I’m sorry 🤣 no coz whaat!!!??? 😕


Really dope, ignore the hate and dumb remarks ,tattoos don’t mean the same thing to people who see them as opposed to the person getting it ,wouldn’t get a portrait or anyone on me but this is dope ,also getting a tattoo of Aka’s logo next week 🤌🏾

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