Lerato Kganyago Valentine’s surpriseLerato Kganyago Valentine’s surprise (Image Credit: Instagram @leratokganyago)

“We Are Mourning AKA”- Lerato Kganyago Criticized After Revealing Her Valentine’s Day Surprise

Lerato Kganyago has sparked criticism on social media for revealing her Valentine’s surprise several days after the actual Valentine’s Day.

Kganyago is known for receiving lavish romantic gifts on Valentine’s Day, but this time she has disappointed her fans by keeping them waiting.

Despite her earlier statement that she wouldn’t be doing anything extraordinary for Valentine’s Day this year, many people in Mzansi were still eager to see how Lerato Kganyago would spend the day and what kind of gift her husband, Thami Ndlala, would give her.

A few days before Valentine’s Day, Lerato Kganyago expressed her frustration and criticized those who were tagging and messaging her about the day.

On Valentine’s Day, she did not share any posts or updates, leaving her fans curious about how she spent the day. As a result, many of her fans felt let down and disappointed.

However, she has finally revealed her Valentine’s Day surprise on Instagram after uploading a video showing her being serenaded by US R&B icon, Kenny Latimore.

The video also showcased a trail of roses. Lerato tagged Kenny Latimore and expressed her gratitude for the special Valentine’s Day surprise.

The queen has also announced that she would be sharing the full video of her Valentine’s Day surprise on her YouTube channel.

However, some people in Mzansi were not impressed and still upset with her for ignoring them on Valentine’s Day.

Some netizens criticized her for sharing her Valentine’s gift after the actual day had passed, and stated that they were preoccupied with mourning the death of AKA and had no interest in her Valentine’s Day surprise.

They accused her of seeking attention and being insensitive to their current emotional state.

Check out some of the reactions;


Haibo now we must entertain her? Ngeke SiControllwe uEskom no Lerato ngapha 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️


We are mourning Tibz and AKA, so this one could see that she won’t trend last week because of the funeral. Now she posts a sought-after artist who probably cost 💲1000 for that stint for likes.We are over Valentine’s and we don’t care what or who serenaded her.


We don’t care about her valentine anymore.

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