Ndamase Gaseous IncidentMihlali Ndamase (Image: Mihlali Ndamase/Instagram)

Mihlali Ndamase’s ‘Gaseous Incident’ Causes Stir

Famous internet celebrity Mihlali Ndamase who often sparks discussions, found herself trending on Twitter after a video of her releasing wind surfaced online.

Ndamase Gaseous Incident
Mihlali Ndamase’s ‘Gaseous Incident’ Causes Stir (Image: Mihlali Ndamase/Instagram)

Mihlali Ndamase has been criticized on social media for passing gas during her YouTube show. Social media users think she went too far with this, even though the saying goes that it is human to fart.

A video that was on Mihlali’s YouTube channel, but has since been deleted, was shared on Twitter on Tuesday, and people have been talking about it since then.

The trending video of Mihlali Ndamase passing gas has sparked mixed reactions on social media, with some defending her while others roasted her assuming she took it too far.


Below are social media users’ reactions to Ndamase’s gaseous incident.


Lol I enjoyed this vlog a lot. And no it’s because of the fart. But I just felt like it was so real and that was so refreshing to see. It’s exhausting watching perfection all the time.


Pretty privilege gets away with alot disgusting is labelled as real … I love it here


I respect this could’ve been edited out though


You don’t fart so loud in front of people, be a lady or a gentleman marn sies


Mihlali transitioning to Leon Schuster type comedy is an insane plot Twist


So now cause of this my subscribers are asking me to fart on my OnlyFans fart turns some people on I am by no means kink shaming 

At the time of publishing, Mihlali Ndamase had not said whether the video of her ‘gaseous incident’ was real or and edited clip.