Babes Wodumo -Image Source(Instagram)Babes Wodumo -Image Source(Instagram)

Babes Wodumo’s fans are concerned after she shared a troubling Instagram post on her page. The post suggests that she is struggling emotionally, prompting an outpouring of support from her followers.

In 2022, Babes experienced the loss of her husband, Mampintsha, who passed away after suffering a stroke.

Babes Wodumo’s Emotional Revelation on an Instagram post

Babes Wodumo’s latest social media update has raised alarm bells among her fans. The Gqom sensation took to her Instagram story to express her despair, leaving many deeply concerned for her well-being.

She wrote, “Engathi ngingafa,” indicating the depth of her emotional turmoil. The post translates to ‘I wish to die’, which may be associated with suicidal thoughts.

Coping with Loss

Following the passing of her husband and manager, Mampintsha, in December 2022, Babes has been on a journey to try and rebuild her life and career. She often shares cherished memories of him on her Instagram page, accompanied by heartfelt messages from her devoted followers. Sometimes, she is candid about her trouble accepting Mampintsha’s death.

Outpouring of Support

Social media platforms are abuzz with concern after screenshots of Babes’ post circulated online. Users from all corners of the internet are rallying behind the singer, offering words of comfort and encouragement.


“This is so sad, I hope she gets some sort of assistance.”


“Ohh my Goodness kwenzakalani?”


“I really feel sorry for Babes Wodumo. She used to do everything with him. It must be very hard for her to figure this life thing alone.”

Babes Wodumo’s Candid Interview

In a recent interview, Babes Wodumo shared how she has been coping with the loss of Mampintsha. The Big Nuz member’s passing on 24 December 2022 has undoubtedly left a void in her life, and she has been open about the challenges she faces in moving forward.

During a live session on Instagram, she emotionally connected with her late husband’s music, particularly his hit song, “Ngeke,” while surrounded by friends.


By Letho