Mpumalanga Woman Tlof CopZanele Mkhonto in court (Image: Bulelwa Ginindza)

Mpumalanga Woman Blames Aggressive Tlof Tlof for Cop’ s Murder

In a shocking turn of events, a woman from Mpumalanga has admitted to senselessly killing her cop boyfriend after having aggressive tlof tlof.

Zanele Mkhonto, 30, appeared in the Mbombela High Court on Thursday, November 2, where she pleaded guilty to the murder of Sergeant Mandlenkosi Happy Thwala, 47.

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Troubled Relationship Unveiled

The woman told the court that she wilfully murdered the Mpumalanga cop after having aggressive tlof tlof with him in August 2022.

Zanele fatally shot Thwala, who was stationed at KaBokweni, with his own service pistol at his home in Pienaar, just outside Mbombela.

In a statement read by her lawyer, Mkhonto told the court that she had been in a romantic relationship with Thwala since 2021, and initially, everything seemed fine. She even moved in with Thwala. However, their relationship soured toward the end of December 2021 due to trust-related issues. They briefly separated, but in January 2022, they decided to give their relationship another chance, and Mkhonto moved back in with Thwala.

Despite their efforts to reconcile, their relationship deteriorated once again, prompting Mkhonto to move out a second time. In July 2022, they attempted to resolve their issues and reunite.

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Details On How Mpumalanga Woman Killed Cop Boyfriend After Tlof Tlof

On the day of the incident, Thwala unexpectedly took Mkhonto to his home after a shopping trip. A heated argument ensued, during which Thwala became emotional and threatened to kill her and then turn the gun on himself.

After Zanele Mkhonto managed to calm Thwala down they had aggressive tlof tlof. After having relations, Thwala fell asleep. Mkhonto seized the opportunity and took Thwala’s firearm which was next to his side of the bed on top of the drawer and shot him multiple times as he lay asleep.

After she shot him, Mkhonto panicked and fled the scene in his vehicle, discarding the firearm out of the window when she was about to reach a roadblock.

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Remorse and Appeal For Forgiveness

Expressing remorse for her actions, Mkhonto addressed Thwala’s family in court, pleading for their forgiveness.

The court postponed the case to 27 November for the preparation of a pre-sentencing report and victim impact statements.

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