Matthew Lani lawyerMatthew Lani and his lawyer (Image: Kaya 959/X)

Viral Video of Lawyer Head Rubbing Dr Matthew Lani Sparks Speculation About Their Relationship

A video of bogus TikTok medical doctor Dr Matthew Lani’s lawyer Dumisani Mabunda rubbing his client’s head has sparked a flurry of humorously and suggestive comments on X (formerly Twitter).

While some folks saw it as a comforting gesture between a lawyer and his client, others couldn’t resist reading deeper into the interaction.

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Lani’s Arrest and Release

Lani was apprehended by security personnel while trying to enter the Helen Joseph Hospital through its main entrance on Sunday night. The Gauteng health department reported that he attempted to escape through a window in the hospital restroom after requesting to use it.

Once security personnel realized his escape attempt, they called for backup, leading to Lani’s capture and subsequent arrest by the police.

In a surprising turn of events, Dumisani Mabunda managed to secure his client’s release by having the charges of identity fraud and impersonating a medical doctor dropped at the Johannesburg magistrate’s court. Despite being scheduled for a court appearance, Lani emerged from the building on crutches, accompanied by his lawyer, who informed journalists that the criminal charges filed by the Gauteng health department and Dr Sanele Zingelwa, the doctor Lani allegedly impersonated, had been dismissed due to insufficient evidence, as stated by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).

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Social Media Reacts To Lawyer Rubbing Matthew Lani’s Head

Matthew Lani lawyer
Matthew Lani’s lawyer rubbing his head (Image: Kaya 959/X)

A video that is circulating on X shows Dumisani Mabunda gently rubbing TikTok influencer Matthew Lani’s head, triggering various responses. Some viewers interpreted it as a comforting gesture, while others speculated about the nature of their relationship. The online comments ranged from playful banter to suggestive remarks, with users expressing different opinions on the lawyer-client dynamic.Check out some of the comments below:


The client-attorney relationship has advanced quickly!


You can see people who know each other when they’re naked and engaging in conjugal activities…..


Is this a professional relationship 🤔 🤭 he saw the camera and stopped brushing his head 😭😭😭


He was just trying to make the boy feel comfortable and free. Let’s not read too much into it


The lawyer is working pro-BONE-o

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Dr Matthew Lani’s Lawyer’s Head Rubbing Video

You can view the video below:

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Legal Battle on the Horizon: TikTok Doctor Threatens Lawsuit

Meanwhile, in a related development, Lani is considering legal action against the Gauteng health department. He alleges damage to his reputation and injuries sustained during his arrest at Helen Joseph Hospital.

By Tayana