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TikTok’s ‘Bogus Doctor’ Dr Matthew Lani’s Desperate Bid to Sweet Talk His Way Out of Arrest Goes Viral

A viral video featuring TikTok personality Dr. Matthew Lani, who has been under scrutiny for his questionable medical credentials, shows him attempting to talk his way out of an arrest at Helen Joseph Hospital.

Dr Matthew Lani was arrested on Sunday night at Helen Joseph Hospital while shooting content.

The 27-year-old has been in the news over the authenticity of his medical qualifications. He also made headlines after he was accused of parading as a medical doctor and giving unsolicited medical advice on TikTok.

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A Desperate Plea for Leniency: Dr Matthew Lani Attempts To Sweet Talk

In a video that is widely circulating on social media platforms, Dr Matthew Lani can be seen profusely apologising to hospital officials for trespassing. Desperate to avoid arrest, Dr Matthew Lani offers a heartfelt apology to Helen Joseph Hospital officials.

“For that one, I am also really sorry. I honestly didn’t know. I truly didn’t know,” Dr Matthew Lani pleads.

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Denying Impersonation and Surname Change

Later in the same viral video, Dr Matthew Lani vehemently denies impersonating Dr Sanele Zingelwa. Dr Matthew Lani claims that he changed his surname from Zingelwa. He contends that the video in question was from two years ago and had always been on his TikTok account.

“I was not impersonating any doctor. The thingy with the Zingelwa surname. I never said I am this person Zingelwa. I changed surnames. My old surname was Zingelwa and that video was not from this year. This video was from two years ago. It has always been on my TikTok,” Dr Matthew Lani denies impersonating Dr Sanele Zingelwa.

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Firm Refusal and Pending Consequences

Despite his attempts to sweet-talk the hospital official, she remains steadfast and refuses to release him, instructing him to apologize to the police instead. You can watch the full video below:

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