Blueface Jaidyn HeadJaidyn Alexis and Blueface (Image: Complex)

Blueface Sparks Outrage: Viral Video of Fiancée Giving Him Head Jaidyn Alexis Leaves Viewers Divided and Disgusted

United States rapper Blueface seems to enjoy being in the news for all the wrong reasons and this time he shared a video of himself getting head from his fiancée Jaidyn Alexis.

The video expectedly raised eyebrows and sparked outrage amongst social media users.

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Blueface Records Fiancée Jaidyn Alexis Giving Him Head

In the video of him getting head Blueface orders his wife-to-be Jaidyn Alexis to come and put the work in. As expected, she was in disbelief and thought he was joking since he was recording a video but she soon realised he was serious. She complies and gets down to work and can be heard in the background slurping away as Blueface continues to talk in the video giving her props. You can view the video of Blueface getting head below:

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Mixed Reactions and Debates: Authenticity Questioned

After the video was widely shared on various social media platforms, users condemned Blueface for embarrassing his wife-to-be. They said such behaviour is proof enough that he does not value her as his partner. However, some pointed out that the video was fake and an attempt to garner attention. You can read some of the comments below:


Not y’all pretending 😂for views Lmfaooooo sounds fake asf 😂😂😂


Sh*t DEGRADING asf ! Frfr shit sad the man has NO RESPECT for his ol lady & the girl has NO SENSE smfh !


😂😂😂 yall really think she was sucking it ? Idk but he was tooo calm for me a nigga would’ve been squirming


He definitely doesn’t like her because if this is your “wife” why would you degrade her and record it to the world…she’s so slow…she thinks she won…


I will not marry a person who make me do something like this public embarrass, he is not a man he still a child

By Tayana