Tlof Tlof Bushy AreaCouple Filmed Having Tlof Tlof In A Bushy Area [Image: OlaTheFunny/Facebook]

There was drama recently after an unruly couple was caught having tlof tlof in a bushy area

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Couple Busted Having Tlof Tlof In A Bushy Area

The couple had been hanging out and as they interacted, the guy thought of a naughty idea. He then told his bae that he could not help it, and they should have tlof tlof.

The woman, also loving some thrill and adrenalin rush, agreed to the idea. The two then set out to find a secret and adventurous venue for their private match.

The couple then found an unoccupied and unfinished building that was halfway through construction. They turned around and went to its back, there there was long grass and thickets.


Tlof Tlof Bushy Area
Couple Filmed Having Tlof Tlof In A Bushy Area [Image: OlaTheFunny/Facebook]


On getting there, the two started the match with the woman giving her backside towards the guy in action. The man was enjoying the moment, as he tried some funny styles and putting his hands in the air.

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The two were oblivious to the fact that someone was recording the whole drama. When they were done, they pulled up their stull and walked away, happy and satisfied.

Watch the drama here.


“Can’t they go home?”

Social media users were amused by the shameless couple who could not wait to get home and start their tlof tlof.


“True love you can make love everywhere you feel.. their are in love deeply in love.” 


“Wat people do for money.”


“The camera man is nice he let them finish 😋” 


“Why u guys.. following the people on a private place..nd takes the video..and posting..this is having tlof tlof is are suprise whn u see the people doing this?” 


“Stop covering their face, I know them.”


“Why film then these are two adults enjoying outdoor activities.”


“There lodge is free no paying money from there straight home and eat another food🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴” 



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