Prince Kaybee Supports All Blacks rugby teamSouth Africans Drag Prince Kaybee (Image Credit: Instgaram @princekaybee_sa)

South African musician and record producer Prince Kaybee found himself at the center of a social media storm when he publicly declared his support for New Zealand’s rugby team, the All Blacks, over his home country’s beloved Springboks. The unexpected move by the celebrated artist took the nation by surprise.

Yesterday, the South African national rugby team the Springboks battle it out with New Zealand’s All Balcks for the World Rugby Cup title at the Stade de France in Paris.

The Springboks managed to secure a historic 12-11 win over their arch-rivals New Zealand, marking it their 4th World Rugby Cup title win.

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Prince Kaybee Rallies Behind New Zealand All Blacks

Before the highly anticipated game even started, Prince Kaybee revealed that he was going to be supporting the All Blacks.

“As an All Blacks supporter this is the first time we coming in as the underdog, this time from the haka to the final whistle it will be chaos and I love it🫶🏾”

South Africans Drag Prince Kaybee for Supporting All Blacks Rugby Team over Springboks
South Africans Drag Prince Kaybee for Supporting All Blacks Rugby Team over Springboks (Image Credit: Instagram @princekaybee_sa)

He went on to reveal why he supports the All Blacks over the Springboks.

“I support the All Blacks because of their style of play, adaptive planning with sheer brilliance of “ball in hand” and the support they show the ball carrier is exceptional. I’m just not into kick rugby. Sorry if my preference offends you🫶🏾❤️🫶🏾”

After the game concluded, Prince Kaybee gracefully acknowledged the Springboks’ triumph. He wrote;

An amazing game indeed. You boys played your hearts out but unfortunately kick rugby won. Congratulations to the Springboks.”

Mzansi Drag Kabelo for Supporting All Blacks

However, Prince Kaybee’s support for the All Blacks ignited a storm of controversy in South Africa. Social media users took to various platforms to express their disappointment, calling him unpatriotic and accusing him of chasing clout. Some went as far as to suggest that he should move to New Zealand if he was going to support their rugby team over his homeland’s.


Supporting your music or anything else you do is a complete waste of time. Entlik, South Africa, don’t support this man.


You should move to New Zealand. Re lapile kwena


Tell those all blacks to buy your music because right now as a country will not support you


Let’s all block this guy , don’t give him too much airtime

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