Dr Matthew Lani ArrestVideo Of Dr Matthew Lani Before His Arrest Tickles Mzansi [Image: @pmcafrica/X]

A video of fake Dr Matthew Lani at Helen Joseph Hospital moments before his fateful arrest last night is tickling Mzansi.


Dr Matthew Lani Arrested

The bogus medical practitioner was arrested yesterday at around 8 PM at the facility. The audacious man had gone to the hospital to shoot TikTok content to convince his fans that he was a doctor.

Security guards at Helen Joseph Hospital spotted him as he hid in a beige goodie with a surgical cap, a face mask and his signature stethoscope. They stripped him of these items, leaving him with a Spongebob Squarepants t-shirt and a blonde-tinted head.

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The Gauteng Department of Health confirmed that after his arrest, Dr Matthew Lani asked to use the loo and then jumped through the window to escape. The security personnel chased the bogus doctor and apprehended him again. After questioning and futile apologies, the hospital handed Dr Lani over to the police. The elusive character is now under police custody, ending three weeks of intrigue.


Dr Matthew Lani Arrest
Video Of Dr Matthew Lani Before His Arrest Tickles Mzansi [Image: @AdvoBarryRoux/X]


Video Of Dr Matthew Lani Moments Before His Arrest

A video of Dr Lani entering Helen Joseph Hospital moments before his arrest has gone viral online. The fake doctor went live on TikTok to prove he was a medical practitioner. He attempted to conceal his identity with the hoodie, face mask and surgical cap.

His fans asked him in the comments, and he said he’s in theatre. He was moving around the hospital, even going into elevators with the hospital staff, who did not recognise him.

In another video, he had gone out of the hospital, seemingly running. His face betrayed the fact that something was going on. Dr Lani kept looking around as if someone was chasing him. Meanwhile, the comments on the live TikTok video were blazing.

Watch the videos below.



“He’s Out GOAT!”

X users expressed amusement while others found fake Dr Matthew Lani to be unwell.



Uncle T:

“He needs medical mental health help.”


“That hand that is always up when passing people shows that he is hiding.”


“Really worried about this guy. Where are the family members, what do they say or do when he just disappears from home? We need answers this is not normal.”


“Did he just take the stairs going down right after he used an elevator 🛗?😭😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀”


“Even nature did not allow him to lie, ‘no, am in theatre’ (starts coughing drastically).”

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