Ice Hockey Adam JohnsonIce Hockey Player Adam Johnson Dies After An Opponent Slashed His Neck With A Skate Blade [Image: BNN Breaking]

An American ice hockey player, Adam Johnson, died after his neck was cut by a skate blade during a game in England on Saturday.

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The Scary Incident

Johnson, 29, was playing for the Nottingham Panthers against the Sheffield Steelers in the Challenge Cup when he collided with a Sheffield player in the second period.

The player then ran through the left side of the rink. When he turned to move towards the goal, a Sheffield Steelers player glided towards him, lifted his blood and cut Johnson on the neck after their collision.

Johnson tried to get up but wa too weak and crumbled down. Blood was already oozing and reddening the rink. The referee and a Nottingham Panthers player helped him up and escorted him away. Medical personnel took him to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Watch the gory incident here.


Club, League And Ice Hockey Association Speak After Adam Johnson Dies

The Panthers described Johnson as an “outstanding ice hockey player” and said they were “truly devastated” by his death. They also thanked everyone who supported Johnson in the “most testing of circumstances”.

The Elite Ice Hockey League of England, postponed all Sunday and said it was “deeply saddened” by the incident. It also said it would review its safety protocols and equipment standards.


Ice Hockey Adam Johnson
Ice Hockey Player Adam Johnson Dies After An Opponent Slashed His Neck With A Skate Blade [Image: Sky News]


Johnson was born in Minnesota and started his professional career in the American Hockey League. He played 13 games for the Pittsburgh Penguins in the NHL between 2019 and 2020, scoring four points. He also played in Sweden and Germany before joining the Panthers for the 2023-24 season.

South Yorkshire Police said they were investigating the incident and urged the public to avoid speculation. They said it was “normal procedure” to open an investigation when an incident was reported.

The English Ice Hockey Association, which oversees all levels of ice hockey below the Elite League, issued a “strong recommendation” that all players use an approved neck guard. It said it would make neckguards mandatory from 2024 onwards.

The association also said it would undertake a player safety equipment review and consider all aspects of player safety equipment, including helmets, gumshields and facial protection.


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