Dr Matthew Lani LawsuitFake Dr Matthew Lani Fires Lawsuit Threat At Gauteng Department of Health [Image: @MsimangoRosetta/X]

Fake Dr Matthew Lani, a popular TikTok influencer arrested for impersonating a doctor, has threatened the Gauteng Department of Health with a lawsuit.

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Dr Matthew Lani Threatens Gauteng Department of Health With A Lawsuit

He claims that the department damaged his reputation and caused him emotional distress by falsely accusing him of fraud and misrepresentation. News24 reports that he is seeking R10 million in damages from the department.

The bogus doctor claimed he was not using a fake name, but his real name is Dr Sanele Zingelwa, which he changed to Matthew Lani for personal reasons.

Dr Lani was arrested on October 29, 2023, after he tried to enter the Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg wearing a surgical mask and stethoscope. He went to the hospital to prove to his TikTok followers that he was a doctor.

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The Gauteng Department of Health said Dr Lani frequently used the hospital to “curate misleading content under the pretence that he was a qualified doctor.” The department also said that Dr Lani did not have a medical degree from the University of Witwatersrand, as he claimed, nor a Matric certificate.

He was charged with impersonating a doctor and misrepresentation but was later released as the National Prosecution Authority said there was no case. They added that he lied about being a doctor, but lying is not a crime.


Mzansi Unimpressed At All


Dr Matthew Lani Lawsuit
Fake Dr Matthew Lani Fires Lawsuit Threat At Gauteng Department of Health [Image: @MsimangoRosetta/X]


South Africans shared mixed emotions as Dr Matthew Lani threatened the Gauteng Department of Health with a lawsuit.


We’re tired of this guy.”

Baby Smeg:

“Are you guys surprised? He will get the money! He is clever, that one.”


“They cut him loose. He must just take the win and low profile for some time.”


“What reputation exactly is he talking about.”


“Throw him in jail if he is arrogant. It’s not us who made the videos or told him to.”


“The fact you all address him as dr is crazy.”


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