Emtee-Image Source(Instagram)Emtee-Image Source(Instagram)

‘Every girl I have been with has done me dirty’ Emtee Opens Up About Heartbreak In Past Relationships

Emtee, the renowned rapper currently going through a divorce from his wife, Nicole Chinsamy, took to Twitter to express his heartbreak over his past relationships with women. In a candid revelation, he stated that all the women he has dated or been involved with have betrayed him by cheating on him.

Fans ask Emtee About his past relationships

The rapper’s tweet resonated with many people who have faced similar experiences, eliciting a range of reactions. Some individuals expressed empathy, while others were curious to know more about the story he has initiated.

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Divorce and Allegations

While it remains uncertain if Nicole is one of the women Emtee referred to, it is clear that he has given up on his marriage with her, despite the fact that they are expecting their third child together. In recent days, Emtee expressed his disappointment with Nicole, accusing her of deceit and filing a false assault case against him.

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Emtee and his wife-Image Source@Twitter
Emtee and his wife-Image Source@Twitter

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In an official statement, Nicole shared, “On 03/03/2023, I filed a common assault case under domestic violence against my husband, Mthembeni Ndebele. He was subsequently arrested on 08/03/2023. However, I have decided to withdraw the charges against Mthembeni Ndevu, forgiving him for the sake of my children.”

Emtee’s heartbreak over his past relationships and his recent experiences within his marriage have undoubtedly taken an emotional toll on the rapper. While the details of his personal journey remain private, his candidness on social media has allowed fans and followers to catch a glimpse of his struggles.

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