Inno Morolong now dating married man-Image Source(Instagram)Inno Morolong-Image Source(Instagram)

Exposed! Socialite Inno Morolong Now Dating A Married Man

Inno Morolong, a reality TV star and club host, has been in a relationship for several months but kept it private. Those close to her say she wasn’t sure about the guy, but he has proven himself over time, and she’s now ready to be his second wife.

Morolong met her partner, Thendo or “Sibeko,” in Venda in December 2022. Despite their chemistry, Morolong was hesitant to start a relationship. However, Sibeko was persistent, and she eventually fell for him.

Watch videos of Inno Morolong and her married boyfriend partying below:

Morolong is keeping her relationship private, warning friends not to share information about her partner, as she fears other women might try to steal him. Sibeko is already traditionally married and is rumored to be getting married at a white wedding next week. If Morolong is a good girl, she might be next.

According to sources, Morolong is trying to change and leave her controversial ways behind thanks to Sibeko’s influence. Some even say she might start going to church because Venda men prefer women who don’t go clubbing or seek attention. Only time will tell if Morolong has indeed changed for the better.

Inno Morolong’s previous boyfriend and relationship

Inno Morolong and Tapiwa-Image Source(Twitter)
Inno Morolong and Tapiwa-Image Source(Twitter)

Inno Morolong made a lot of headlines last year when she started dating a Zimbabwean-born prophet Tapiwa Munyuki. The socialite decorated her Instagram page with pictures of the two of them saying she had found her soulmate finally. Like her previous relationships, it also ended in tears after she exposed Tapiwa as being violent and hitting her from time to time. Inno even shared pictures of her bruised face from their fights on Instagram.

After she exposed her ex, Inno went quiet and a lot of people assumed that she was single. However, the socialite who has been dating a married man under the radar has finally been exposed by her friends to a notorious gossip blog on Instagram.

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