Master KG x Queen Lolly (Image Credit: Twitter @MasterKGsa/QueenLolly01)

 Master KG Breaks Silence On Queen Lolly’s Paternity Allegations

Master KG, the artist behind the popular song “Jerusalem”, has finally spoken about the controversy surrounding Queen Lolly’s drama.

Recently, Queen Lolly (whose real name is Nomfundo Shezi) has been in the news a lot, but usually for all the wrong reasons. Lately, Queen Lolly trended after she revealed that she is the mother of Master KG’s baby.

Master KG Queen
Master KG baby mama [Image: Instagram/@bigzulu_sa/@queen_lolly_sgananda/@masterkgsa]
 Queen Lolly said that she secretly dated Master KG, and while they were together, she had a baby with him.

When the controversial musician Queen Lolly made the claims, Master KG did not respond to the allegations. Since he remained mum, many people thought the allegations were true.

On Sunday, Master KG decided to comment on the situation, setting the record straight.

Master KG shared on Twitter that Queen Lolly was not the mother of his child.

“This is not my baby mama.

.. I don’t have a child with this person mxm people say whatever for anything that will make them get headlines,” wrote Master KG denying the allegations made by Queen Lolly.


Queen Lolly, who claims to be famous for being a “side chick”, of late, said she dated other musicians, Big Zulu, Heavy K, and AKA.

Recently, Queen Lolly left Mzansi in shock after she revealed that she dated AKA behind Nadia Nakai’s back. Queen Lolly made this shocking claim during her appearance on OmaKwampeni Podcast.

Queen Lolly also said she dated Musa Mseleku’s son and even brought the receipts to substantiate her claim.

Following her recent remarks on the podcast, the reality star and businessman Musa Mseleku and his son Musa Mseleku filed a lawsuit against her.

Musa Mseleku and his son told Queen Lolly, through their lawyers, to stop mentioning their family name or else they would take legal action against her.