zimbabwean prophet cassper nyovestZimbabwean Prophet Sends Grave Warning To Cassper Nyovest And Big Zulu [Image: Instagram/@casspernyovest/Facebook/Dr-Prophet Mellontik Orasi Sos/Spotify/Big Zulu]

Grave Warning: Zimbabwean Prophet Foresees Death For Cassper Nyovest and Big Zulu

A chilling prophecy from the Zimbabwean seer, DrProphet Mellontik Orasi Sos, has sent shockwaves throughout the South African rap community.

The renowned prognosticator, who correctly foresaw AKAs untimely demise, has now issued a dire warning to rappers Cassper Nyovest and Big Zulu. Will they heed the warning, or will they risk their own fate? Only time will tell.

zimbabwean prophet cassper nyovest
Zimbabwean Prophet Sends Grave Warning To Cassper Nyovest And Big Zulu [Image:Instagram/@casspernyovest/@bigzulu_sa/Facebook/Dr-Prophet Mellontik Orasi Sos]

Last year, the seer of the future delivered a warning of impending doom to the renowned rapper AKA. But, the rapper was far from pleased and vented his fury on Twitter, declaring:

“People need to stop scaring others by offering unwanted and unrequested “prophesies” and “dreams” absolutely RANDOMLY. God is a God of love and warmth, not FEAR. Anyone who tries to scare you or make you fearful is not a messenger of GOD. You will know God’s voice.”

On the night of 10 February 2023, tragedy struck as AKA was brutally gunned down in what appeared to be a premeditated attack.

The rapper had been enjoying a night out at Wish restaurant in Morningside, Durban, and was en route to Yugo Durban to perform at his birthday celebration when disaster struck.

After the tragedy, the renowned Prophet Mellontik Orasi exposed that the rapper had disregarded him mere months before.

“Just last year, I spoke to a South African artist, telling them to seek Christ as a refuge as a group of drug warlords will snatch their life. AKA Rubbished me. This wasn’t to have happened. He went on to post that prophets warning about death are not from God. God is love.”

The prophetic warnings of Prophet Mellontik Orasi have sent shockwaves throughout the music industry! He urgently cautioned rappers Cassper Nyovest and Big Zulu that they were being targeted, yet soon after he deleted the Facebook post.

“May God protect Casper. May He also increase his safety. Deep forces [are] baying for Casper and Big Zulu. I have warned plainly to save lives,” said the prophet.

Last week, Cassper Nyovest revealed that since his bro, DJ Sumbody, sadly passed away, he‘s increased his security and doesn‘t feel safe anymore.

Now, it appears Big Zulu has done the same, as he recently told Podcast And Chill that he‘s packing heat. The rapper even whipped out the gun and showed MacG, leaving South African‘s in hysterics!