Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle-Image Source(Instagram)Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle-Image Source(Instagram)

Pearl Thusi found herself trending and at the receiving end of backlash after saying that DJ Zinhle is not married and that Bongz merely paid lobola for her and that is engagement in her books.

Pearl Thusi invited Nomuzi ‘Moozlie’ Mabena, a musician and presenter, to her YouTube show “Black Rose Kitchen” for a chat.
As they had their conversation, she asked Moozlie her thoughts on having children and marriage in their respective friendship circles.
Pearl  goes on to say that “None of us is married.” Moozlie is surprised by Pearl’s statement and quickly responds by saying: “Zinhle is married,” to which Thusi objects. “No they just paid her lobola, Zinhle didn’t go to church,”. Thusi says that what Murdah Bongz and DJ Zinhle did is merely an engagement and not a marriage.

The actress explained why DJ Zinhle is not married according to the Zulu custom. According to the actress, three things must happen before you can be legally married in Zulu tradition.

Watch the video of Pearl Thusi and Moozlie below:

Last year, DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi trended many times as people said that their friendship was over. The two rubbished the rumors towards the end of the year as they started posting each other again like before.

The two each gave statements and said that they were still friends despite not hanging out together as much as they did. Some people blamed the DJ saying that she has a Queen Bee mentality and wanted her friends to not have other friends apart from her.

Many people said since Pearl Thusi was now hanging out more with Nadia Jaftha and other people who had beef with DJ Zinhle, the two had fallen out.

Tweeps did not waste time in dragging Pearl Thusi saying that she’s jealous of Zinhle’s happiness because she is still single. Below are some of the tweets that had something to say about Pearl’s statement:


Why did she feel she needed to speak this much on another person? This is so cringy


Your friends… was Pearl supposed to tell us this information


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