Musa Khawula drops the gossip on Pearl Thusi, AKA DJ Zinhle and Nadia Nakai, on his new YouTube video, and Mzansi is eating it up.

Khawula has made a comeback, and he is blowing up already. After going MIA on Twitter after the app kicked out his account for violating more than a million of their regulations, he has raised his head again.

The young blogger has gone the YouTube route and started a channel where he delivers gossip on.

Khawula has it that, Pearl Thusi slept with Kieran Forbes.
Forbes, as you know, is DJ Zinhle’s baby daddy. The two had a very public relationship that went through ups and downs throughout.

Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle are best friends and are so close that some people think they are having an affair.

A few months ago, a video of DJ Zinhle appeared to bar Pearl from coming close to her as she played started making rounds on social media.

People noticed how distant the two had become during the past few weeks leading up to that night.

Conspiracy theories started to float around after this Musa Khawula YouTube video; some fans think they have put two and two together and decided that the two BFFs fell off because Zinhle found out about Pearl and AKA.

Pearl and DJ Zinhle denied the falling out, calling it Ludacris.

Pearl Thusi responded to the allegations calling them nonsense, and said she wouldn’t justify them with an answer.

DJ Zinhle has gone on to marry Murdah Bongz, the two have been painting the town red with their loved-up photos, and DJ Zinhle seems to have found happiness.

AKA dated Zinhle and had a baby with her, then dated Bonang and then went back to Zinhle, and now he is dating the beautiful Nadia Nakai.

AKA and Nadia Nakai recently got matching tattoos and sent their fans into overdrive.
Musa Khawula thinks Nadia is ” less than smart” for doing this and says the act is outdated.

Nadia Nakai has been dating AKA for a few months; their relationship is a public affair on social media for all to see.

Musa called out, AKA, again, saying he ruined Nicole Nyaba’s career.

The shocking videos also included Lerato Kganyago, with whom he has been locked in rivalry for years,

Watch the videos below: