Susan is going through the most again in Muvhango. Last night she lost Rendani and Shaz at once due to Thifhelimbilu’s presence in her life.

Thifhe is accusing the Royals of horrible crimes and this is causing a serious rift between Susan and the chief. Thifelimbilu says the Royals are responsible for the disappearance of children in the village. She says they use these children’s body parts as Muthi to strengthen their power as Royals.

Last night she went to cause havoc at the Waterfall Restaurant and told people to stop eating there. She advised diners to boycott everything that is connected to Vha-Kwevho.

Shaz gave her a beating and when Thifhe got home she was nursing her bruises from that beating when she received a horrible dream.

She was visited by horrifying dwarf-like creatures who beat her to a pulp.

Susan warned Thifhelimbilus not to mess with the Royals because things would backfire really badly.

According to mythology, a Tokoloshe is a mischievous creature of a short stature usually sent by evil people to cause havoc in someone’s life.

Thifhe is receiving this visit because she is troublesome, but who is sending her this evilness?

Is it the Royals?

Muvhango has been on the air for more than 20 years and the show has never given viewers a reason to believe that the Royals could send an evil spirit like that to anyone.

According to the teasers, tonight is not going to get any better. It’s said that she gets a visitor at night that terrifies her from the chore.

The Royals as we all know gave very powerful ancestors that also come to punish them when they put a foot wrong, could it be them that are coming after her?

This storyline is going to change drastically when she tries to probe Vhangani about her suspicions.

Vhangani is not going to allow Thifhe to get into his head, so she resorts to black magic herself.

She tries to bewitch Vhangi but her plan backfires.

Vhangani returns the favour and it goes downhill from there.

We will leave here for now and allow for the story to unfold for this week but Thifhe has gotten Susan in serious trouble with Azwindini and the Royals.

Check out the scary video of Thifhe getting attacked by Tokoloshe below: