It’s getting harder for Gabisile to keep her cheating ways a secret and now the police have caught her.

Gabisile has been trying to dump Nkunzi for weeks now and just as she is about to do it, something seems to come up and prevent her from doing just that.

Mthambisi has been putting more pressure on Gabisile to drop Nkunzi.

Gabi is unaware that the handsome man charming her out of her mind is actually the very dangerous man she fears for dear life known as Putin.

Mthambisi left his cufflink on Nkunzi’s sofa last week and yesterday he told Gabi to tell Nkunzi that it’s over, or else.

As we have reported before, Nkunzi is on the verge of becoming a celebrity, because of the talent show that he is working on with Hlelo and that is going to be an interesting turn of events.

While Gabi learns that Mthambisi is not what she thought, Nkunzi’s story will be climbing up and only God knows what he will do once he finds out what Gabi had been doing.

Putin is starting to feel the heat from the police and he is soliciting help from Colonel Mabaso who is now under his payroll.

The two are working on a plan to destroy Mondli and it’s coming along just fine.

Mondli catches Gabisile cheating with Putin
Mondli catches Gabisile cheating with Putin. Image: Instagram

Mondli is running too close for comfort and Putin is not happy.  He is now investigating the elderly home Mthambisi is supposedly funding, the funds are not reflecting and no one can explain why, because he does give large amounts to that home.

Mondli received a severe warning to keep away from investigating Mthambisi Phakathi but he didn’t take heed and he will soon pay a very hefty price for that.

The question now is, what is he going to do with the information he has on Gabi Gabi? Will he tell Red Bull? Or is he going to use the information to blackmail her into getting Intel on Mthambisi?

We reported that Mondli will get framed and lose his job, but let’s not jump the gun yet.

Let’s deal with Gabi getting caught kissing another man in the corridors at work like a school child.

Watch the video below: