Viewers feel betrayed by the show after Paxton shockingly plagiarizes Mosebjadi’s story and gets away with it. The short story competition ended in tears for many who didn’t win but more so for Mosebjadi.

Everyone at Turf high was shocked by Paxton Kgomo’s unexpected win; even Paxton Kgomo was shocked.

The interview at Berry FM was an eye-opener for Mosebjadi, who found out Paxton plagiarized her story word for word.

She tried to report the matter to the principal, but the principal was Alfred Magongwa. The sane man stole a tender and almost killed Alfios for threatening to expose him.

Magongwa will not reveal such a horrible act; the news will show his school in such a bad light.

Magongwa was boasting about the school’s reputation and progress when he took over as the Captain at Turf High. Also, the duty is still out on how he got that position anyways.

Instead of opening an internal investigation into the matter, Magongwa called Zamokuhle to handle it, and let’s say, Zamokuhle didn’t seem too eager to get to the bottom of it.

Paxton on Skeem Saam
Paxton on Skeem Saam.Image: Instagram

“I’m sorry I can’t help you,”, said Zamo to Mosebjadi

Viewers of the show feel betrayed by this turn of events, especially because Zamo suffered the same fate when Lelo plagiarized his story and almost burnt him to death.

Important plot point

Also, he mentioned a critical plot point when speaking to Mosebjadi. He said her story was never entered.

It makes sense that one of the stories went missing because the judges would have picked up a similarity when deliberating.

So what happened to Mosebjadi’s story?

Mosebjadi said she was coming after Lewatle when they submitted, but Zamokuhle said he double-checked the entries, and Mosebjadi’s story was not there.

How did that happen?

Let’s go through a few possibilities.

1. Lewatle helped to remove Mosebjadi’s story from the entries.

2. Paxton got Magongwa’s son to do it for him.

Paxton looked like the entire world had stopped when Mosebjadi told him she had reported him.

Paxton would go down for years if he were exposed. He would be suspended from school and sent to a juvenile prison. His parents would disown him.

Watch Zamo giving us the hidden plot point below.