Things started to look odd the second Philani Magwaza came back to Town.

The first hit was the shocking death of Thembeka. Thembeka died after being moved from the hospital to the psychiatric ward.

She woke up from a long coma and immediately started to hallucinate, and a few days later, she was found dead in her ward.

Toby and Philani poisoned Thembekaand when the police were moving her to the Psychiatric ward, and she kept warning them not to move her because “They are going to kill me”, she said.

She was facing prison for arson and homicide after Oby and Magwaza framed her for the Holy House massacre.

Oby disappeared soon after that, and Magwaza continued to cause more problems for Nkosiyabo, Mbali and Sphesihle.

Magwaza also went away after that, and now he is back to collect.

The second big thing happening is that Ayanda is experiencing blackouts, where she wakes up in places she has no recollection of how she got to them.

How is that connected to Magwaza and Oby?

Remember when Oby gave Ayanda “the tea”? Ayanda fell under Oby’s spell, and then Oby cut a portion of Ayanda’s liver.

Kumkani Phakade and Ayanda were saved by Tshidi’s intervention when she poisoned Oby.

Oby hates Ayanda after Ayanda breaks her brother’s heart.

Ayanda started blacking out on Monday night when she woke up fighting with Nkosiyabo after a strange time-lapse.
Nkosiyabo looked dumbfounded when Ayanda suddenly attacked him.

The second blackout happened on Tuesday when she was talking to Nonhle, Ayandablacked out and woke up in her car stark in traffic and then attacked Dali on Wednesday.

Wednesday’s episode ended on a very dark note.

A person wearing a scary mask and a black robe appeared in a smoky room, holding Thembeka’s picture and speaking in a demonic voice.

“The first has fallen”
This dark demon kept chanting in front of a burning fire.

The person is d woman, and we suspect it’s Oby.

Oby has gained control of Ayanda, and things will still get weirder by the day.

More on this story as it develops.

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