Soweto Gospel Lehakoe TladiFamily Speaks As Soweto Gospel Choir Singer Lehakoe Tladi Battles With Addiction [Image: X]

The family of Soweto Gospel Choir singer Lehakoe Tladi has spoken after the star went viral for her battle with addiction.


A Fallen Star

Last month, a video went viral in which Lehakoe was seeking help. The yesteryear star was a beaten down, battered version of her former glowing and bubbly self.

In the video, Lehakoe was terribly stoned. She could not stand still and staggered as she sang to the camera. She was barefoot and looked shabby. The alcohol is taking a toll on her, and she looks older.


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The singer is now back home in QwaQwa, Free State, where she stays with her mother and sibling. She is now seeking help:

“I have been home for years now. The help I need is to get a job. I also fell into depression and became an alcoholic, so I need help there as well. I need to get rehabilitated and get back to work. All those things got me into a situation where I couldn’t cope anymore.”

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Family Speaks as Soweto Gospel Choir Singer Lehakoe Tladi Fights Addiction

Soweto Gospel Lehakoe Tladi
Family Speaks As Soweto Gospel Choir Singer Lehakoe Tladi Battles With Addiction [Image: YouTube]


When Lehakoe’s video went viral online, some assumed that she was now taking hard drugs like cocaine. Lehakoe’s sister Ntokozo Tlali told the Daily Sun that the gospel singer was only addicted to booze and zol (dagga):

“My sister was not on hard drugs. The only problem she had was alcohol. She was also smoking zol. It becomes a problem when she mixes alcohol and zol. We want to make it categorically clear that it’s a lie. She wasn’t on hard drugs.”

Lehakoe slipped into depression after not getting paid royalties for her popular Sotho song, Modimo Reboka Wena, released in 2006. Her mother rued:

“She has never received even a cent. We’ve been watching her performing on TV Screens. There are no words that can explain the pain of seeing my daughter struggling. We’ve been in this situation for the past 23 years. My daughter becomes an alcohol fan due to her unpaid royalties. She was going all over, drinking alcohol, and coming back home late.”


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