DJ Maphorisa Manzi NteProducer Al Xapo Reveals DJ Maphorisa Featured On Manzi Nte Just Because He Introduced A Dance Challenge [Image: @djmaphorisa/Instagram]

Producer Al Xapo has startled tweeps after revealing that DJ Maphorisa featured on the smash hit Manzi Nte just because he introduced a dance challenge.

Manzi Nte is a song by Tyler ICU, DJ Maphorisa and Masterpiece YVK, featuring Ceeka RSA, Al Xapo, Silas Africa, and M.J. It dropped on 31 May.

It is popular for its vibrant beats and catchy lyrics that resonate with the amapiano music style, a blend of deep house, jazz, and lounge music characterised by synths, airy pads, and expansive percussive basslines.

The track has been well-received for its energetic rhythm and has become popular among fans. As of 17 June, it had over 1.3 million views on YouTube and on South Africa’s Apple Music Top 100 chart, it was in fourth position.


DJ Maphorisa On Manzi Nte Because Of A Dance Challenge

DJ Maphorisa Manzi Nte
Producer Al Xapo Reveals DJ Maphorisa Featured On Manzi Nte Just Because He Introduced A Dance Challenge [Image: @djmaphorisa/Instagram]


Al Xapo, one of the creators of the song, was on the Spreading Humour podcast, and he spoke widely about Manzi Nte. He revealed that as they were producing the song, they knew it would blow up and become a hit.

The show’s hosts then asked him why the song featured so many people. Al Xapo revealed they are on the song because they were in the studio during the production process. However, Al Xapo, Tyler ICU and Ceeka RSA created the jam.

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Influencer Seema then asked the producer what DJ Maphorisa did on the song. Al Xapo disclosed that Maphorisa only introduced a dance challenge, much to the shock of the hosts.



Mzansi Divided

Social media users had mixed sentiments about DJ Maphorisa featuring on Manzi Nte when all he did was dance.


“Why do they keep going to him, though?😭”


“The name “Maphorisa” is a huge brand. The name brings his huge fan base to the project.”


“At this point, Maphorisa is just greedy, man. It’s credited as his song, not featured??”


“S/O to Phori for making moves literally😅”


“Lol mara Phori made it clear that anything done at his studio, he will get credit on the song.”

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