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Former e.TV Scandal! Actress and current DJ Nomvelo Makhanya, widely recognized as Lindiwe, has recently shared her experiences following her exit from the popular show.

In an interview on the Access Genie podcast, Makhanya revealed that her departure was a consequence of reporting her director and floor manager for being intoxicated on set. “I was let go just a week and a half after making the report. When I was called into the office, the news was presented in a way that made it seem like I was the problem. But I handled it with grace and kept my head high,” she recounted.

Nomvelo Makhanya narrates her work environment before she was fired

Makhanya described her final months with the production as particularly challenging. “I had to stop vlogging for my YouTube channel because I was accused of wasting the production’s time, which was not true. They found minor issues to make it look like I was causing problems,” she said.

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Nomvelo Makhanya-Image Source@X

Even her efforts to promote the show on Instagram were criticized. “I stopped doing live videos because it felt like I was wasting their time, which was a new experience for me.”

Facing Retaliation on set from bosses

After reporting the misconduct, Makhanya said the individuals involved began to talk about her in the workplace. “People in power often want to show you that they control everything. When you stand up to their nonsense, they make sure you face difficulties.”

She explained that she was effectively blacklisted in the industry. “Being redlisted means you’re not given work. The moment you show up, everyone knows who you are because they’ve been warned. It was a power play to prove they were more significant than me.”

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Healing and Moving Forward

Financially, Makhanya was not severely impacted due to her savings, but the emotional toll was significant. “I became very suicidal after losing my job, struggling with extreme anxiety. Voices in my head kept telling me I deserved it. I had dedicated ten years of my life to that show.”

Despite these hardships, Makhanya found new success outside of acting. “Strangely enough, I now make a lot of money outside of acting.”

Over the past 18 months, Makhanya has focused on healing and therapy. “I’ve done a lot of healing and therapy to reach where I am today,” she shared, emphasizing her journey toward recovery and resilience.


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