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Nigerian Slay Queen Sparks Outrage with Viral Bare Chest Video

A Nigerian slay queen has set social media abuzz after she shared a video of her bare chest.

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Viral Video of Nigerian Slay Queen Massaging Her Chest

In the video, the slay queen, whose identity remains unknown, is seen massaging her bosom. She stands in front of her mobile phone, appearing as if she has just come out of the bathroom and is applying lotion, but she focuses her attention on one specific area of her body. Using a filter, she sings along to Ruger and BNXN’s “Poe” while continuing to massage her ample chest for her followers’ pleasure. You can view the video here.

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Social Media Reacts

The video, reshared by blogger Insiderhint on Instagram, sparked a wave of reactions from Nigerians. Many jumped into the comments section to express their thoughts. Some questioned if the slay queen had any family members and why she wasn’t embarrassed to potentially shame them. Others highlighted that she epitomizes the erosion of moral values in Nigeria. Here are some of the comments:


Gone are they days when things like this catches my fancy but not anymore, i am more focus on what lies ahead but can you tag her so we can go to her dm and ask her the colour of her pr0blem 🥴🚶‍♂️


Omo 😱 With her face on full display, decency has been lowered to the nothing; you can’t even decide what to see on social media anymore 😥


As long as u are not my family member, anything u do baby u are correct.


Some of us knew we were getting here soon. It started not to long ago, we were talking about it but they said we should let people be comfortable in their skin abi wetin be the English sef


Is she the only child of her parents?

By Tayana