Female UK Prison OfficerViral Female UK Prison Officer Arrested For Having Lula Lula With An Inmate [Image: X/Instagram]

The female UK prison officer who was filmed having lula lula with a prisoner has been arrested, authorities confirmed.


Drama Behind Bars

A video showing a female prison officer engaging in s_xual activity with an inmate inside a jail cell at HMP Wandsworth recently went viral on social media. In the video, the female warden was fully dressed in her work uniform.

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She was in an inmate’s room and got cosy with one as the other filmed the ordeal. She started first by eating the lollipop while kneeling.

Afterwards she turned around for the unidentified inmate to pound from the back. She still remained in her uniform which she lowered, and did not care that her face was clearly visible in the video. The prison officer was having a good time.

The other inmate exclained:

“Guys we’ve made history, this is what I’m telling you.” 

In the video, the sound of other prison wardens communicating over the officer’s radio are audible, with the device abandoned on a side table, while the footage also shows the prisoner’s clothes strewn across a bunk bed.

Watch it here.


UK Prison Officer Arrested Over Viral Video

Female UK Prison Officer
Viral Female UK Prison Officer Arrested For Having Lula Lula With An Inmate [Image: X]



As the video broke the Internet across the globe, the Metropolitan Police swiftly launched an investigation. The 30-year-old prison officer, whose real name is Linda De Sousa Abreu from Fulham, was arrested.

Linda has been charged on 29 June with misconduct in public office and is currently in police custody.

HMP Wandsworth, a category B Victorian jail in south-west London, has faced scrutiny due to security failings, overcrowding, drug-related issues, violence, and self-harm. Just two months ago, the prison was flagged for urgent improvement by Chief Inspector of Prisons Charlie Taylor. The scandal-hit facility remains under close watch as authorities address these concerns.

Linda De Sousa Abreu is scheduled to appear in custody at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court today.

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