Ethiopian Shoots Brother DeadEthiopian National Shoots His Own Brother Dead [Image: Lucas Phelwane/Daily Sun]

An Ethiopian national has been arrested for shooting dead his brother for taking his car and returning it at night in Hammanskraal.


Ethiopian National Shoots Dead His Brother

The community of Stinkwater in Hammanskraal, north of Tshwane, is devastated by the death of local shopkeeper Jelebo Ushebo Tsedeke (38). His brother, Takatel Jolebo Ushebo (36), shot him when the car argument got dangerous.

Neighbours told the Daily Sun that on the day of the incident, Takatel took Jelebo’s car without permission and returned late at night. When Jelebo confronted him, a heated argument broke out. Residents reported hearing gunshots and saw Jelebo’s helper running out of the shop, screaming for help and saying that his boss had been gunned down.


Ethiopian Shoots Brother Dead
Ethiopian National Shoots His Own Brother Dead [Image: The Range]


Takatel was arrested two days later after police were tipped off that he was hiding at his girlfriend’s place in Sekampaneng. In a video widely circulated on social media, Takatel is seen in handcuffs as the police probe him. He told them that the gun used in the shooting belonged to James Mdluli (31), who was also arrested.

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Witness Accounts Paint A Grim Picture

Residents revealed that this was not the first time the brothers had fought. One resident claimed,

“Two weeks before he killed his brother, Takatel stabbed him with a knife. He is naughty. He lived a gangster life as he had befriended a lot of known thugs here and in Soshanguve. He’s different from other Ethiopians. He wears expensive designer clothes, drinks a lot and is also seen with different girls at taverns. He even has a mohawk hairstyle.”

Jelebo was well-liked in the community. His customers praised him for his generosity and kindness. One resident shared:

“I’ve never cried for a foreign national, but with this one, I’m so touched and left speechless. He was a people’s person who donated to poor families all the time.”


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