Two Lovers Car ParkPolice Catch Two Lovers Having Tl0f Tl0f In A Car Park At Groove As Revellers Watched [Image: @Am_Blujay/X]

Police recently intervened to arrest two lovers who were having tl0f tl0f in a car park at groove as revellers watched on.


Two Lovers Caught Having Tl0f Tl0f In A Car Park At Groove

The two party animals had gone to have fun at groove at night recently. After dancing and having fun inside the club, they decided to take matters a notch higher.

The unidentified male had parked his car outside the club. He held his girl’s hand and then walked out to the car park. On getting there, he opened the passenger side door and made his girl bend, touching the seat.

He whipped out his 4-5 and started smashing. Some people noticed them enjoying the forbidden fruit under cover of the night, and they started recording the tl0f tl0f.

As the big man clapped cheeks, people were laughing and out of the blue, the cops noticed. They reversed their truck and parked right in front of the car where the lula lula was happening. The man quickly zipped his pants and lifted them before leaving his girl.


Two Lovers Car Park
Police Catch Two Lovers Having Tl0f Tl0f In A Car Park At Groove As Revellers Watched [Image: @Am_Blujay/X]


The girl fixed her skirt and joined her guy so they could run away. However, the cops had already disembarked by now, and they called them for arrest on public indecency charges.

Watch the funny video here.

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“So it couldn’t wait vele😂”


“That quickie went South quickly 🤣🤣😂”


“Bro almost left the girl right there and run hahaha 😂”


“This generation is full of s_x addicts, yuck.”


“Butsa maphodisa gore there’s people breaking in ko next door ba tla after 5 years, tse tsona ba dirata blind ba shesha ka tse. Anyway, all the best to the guy who’s gonna be marrying her. He’s somewhere ko university, studying hard, hoping to finish, get a good job and a good wife.”

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