Innocent Sadiki House FireSkeem Saam Actress Innocent "Sthoko" Sadiki In Tears After A Fire Destroyed Her House To Ashes [Image: @innosadiki/Instagram]

Skeem Saam actress Innocent Sadiki, who plays the character of Sthoko was inconsolable as fire burned her house to ashes yesterday.

It is still unclear what caused the feary inferno.


Skeem Saam Actress Innocent Sadiki Loses Her House In A Raging Fire

Innocent shared the news of the house fire yesterday on her Instagram account. In the heartbreaking video, the house had smouldering fire, but the destruction was clearly visible.

The building resting on an expansive piece of land was engulfed in choking fumes which showed firefighters had managed to douse the flame. However, everything inside the building and its roof had been charred to ashes. Only the walls of the house withstood the fire, but they had been blackened by the inferno.

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Innocent and her husband stood a safe distance from the blaze, sadly embracing each other, sobbing and pondering over what to do next. All they remained with were the clothes they wore and a bottle of water.


Innocent Sadiki House Fire
Skeem Saam Actress Innocent “Sthoko” Sadiki In Tears After A Fire Destroyed Her House To Ashes [Image: @innosadiki/Instagram]


Afterwards, they clasped each other’s hand as they walked to check the extent of the damage. The moment was too heartbreaking.



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Innocent wailed on her Instagram account:

“From what we called our Home, we now have NOTHING! Our House burnt down today. Lord you are still our God. We are shuttered 😢 We thank God none of us are injured 🙏🏾 Pray for us PLEASE‼️” 

After sharing the news, there was an outpouring of love from fans, friends and wellwishers. Innocent shared a message of gratitude:

“Let me take this time to thank our followers, friends and family for your support and kindness. We are literally starting from zero. The response has been overwhelming. We appreciate and love you. We managed to get pyjamas and toiletries for the kids thanks to our friends. Please keep praying for us. One day at a time.”


Mzansi Heartbroken For The Actress

Social media users expressed pain after Innocent Sadiki’s house burned down.


“May God be with her and her family.” 


“I hope for insurance purposes this was an accident not negligence 🤞🏽 anyway why is this recorded konje🤔 who said “come let’s post this on socials” I hate content life 🤞🏽” 


“Prayers to her and her family.May God be with them.”


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