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Gayton McKenzie, the Patriotic Alliance (PA) leader, has pledged to dedicate all his salary to solving the case of missing Joslin Smith. He has made a firm commitment to bring the unresolved case of Joslin Smith, a missing child, to the forefront of parliament following his recent election to the national assembly.

In a remarkable gesture, McKenzie has also vowed to contribute the entirety of his parliamentary salary to the Joslin Smith Foundation, which focuses on the cause of missing children. He emphasized his unwavering dedication to this cause, highlighting the importance of resolving such cases and supporting affected families.

Gayton McKenzie’s Generous Reward Offer

Joslin Smith
Joslin Smith-Image Source@X

Back in March, Gayton McKenzie put up an R1 million reward for anyone who would help foster the safe return of the missing girl. According to his statements,  McKenzie said Joslin is swaying down on the nation’s conscience.

He then took the 1 million rand, which he would have stirred towards his campaign. However, Gayton, who has a criminal past, shared that he believes someone knows where the little girl is. He shared that when he was involved in criminal activities, someone always knew what he was up to, so he believes someone knows what happened to Joslin Smith.

The Joslin Smith Missing Case

Joslin Smith missing case
Accused in the Joslin Smith missing case-Image Source@X

Joslin’s mother, Kelly Smith, reported that her daughter went missing in February while in the care of her boyfriend, Jacquin Appollis. The mother and boyfriend are known to be drug abusers and are now remanded in custody. This was after it came to light that the two had sold the little girl to a sangoma for R20 000.

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In March, blood-stained clothes that were believed to belong to Joslin Smith were found close to the informal settlement where she lived with her mother.

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