Gayton McKenzie offers R1 millionfor information on Joslin Smith's whereaboutsGayton McKenczie and Joslin Smith-Image Source@X

In a heartfelt gesture, the leader of the Patriotic Alliance (PA), Gayton McKenzie, has pledged a substantial reward of R1 million from his personal funds to anyone who can provide information leading to the whereabouts of young Joshlin. Since February 19, the absence of 6-year-old Joslin Smith has gripped the nation with concern.

A Noble Cause

Gayton McKenzie, addressing his followers via Facebook, expressed his deep concern and frustration over Joslin’s continued absence despite recent arrests made in connection with the case. Describing Joslin as a symbol of hope for the nation, McKenzie emphasized her significance as a “rainbow child.” He underscored the gravity of the situation by announcing his decision to divert R1 million from his political campaign funds towards the search effort. “I will have a million Rand less for posters, for t-shirts, for diesel… but what transcends politics for me is finding that green-eyed girl,” McKenzie declared passionately.

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Joslin Smith
Joslin Smith-Image Source@X

Gayton McKenzie Plea for Cooperation in Joslin Smith case

McKenzie’s impassioned plea for assistance underscores the urgency of the situation. Despite exhaustive efforts, including searches in areas like Saldanha Bay, Joslin remains elusive. McKenzie lamented the challenges faced by law enforcement, citing their reluctance to accept community assistance. He criticized the lack of trust in the community’s capabilities, pointing out that crucial information leading to recent arrests came from community sources. “You police have no idea where Joslin is because you don’t want the community’s help,” McKenzie asserted, urging authorities to leverage community resources in the search.

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Standing United for Joslin

With over a month passed since Joslin’s disappearance, the urgency of finding her has only intensified. McKenzie’s unwavering commitment to allocating resources and rallying community support serves as a beacon of hope in the quest to reunite Joslin with her loved ones. As suspects remain in custody and bail is denied, the search for Joslin Smith continues unabated.

By Letho