Gayton McKenzie GangsterPatriotic Alliance Leader Gayton McKenzie Narrates How He Became A Gangster At 13 [Image: X]

Firebrand Patriotic Alliance (PA) leader Gayton McKenzie has narrated how he became a gangster and started a life of crime at 13.


Celebrating The 2024 Elections Performance

Gayton startled Mzansi after his hardline party grew in the 2024 elections. The PA was the sixth biggest party nationally with 330 376 votes (2.06%) of the polls. They garnered nine seats, mostly from the Western Cape and the Northern Cape.

The bustling and jovial Gayton McKenzie has been upbeat, declaring that if anyone is going to approach them for coalition talks, they should bring the Ministry of Home Affairs on the table.

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Gayton McKenzie Chronicles How He Became A Gangster At 13

Gayton McKenzie Gangster
Patriotic Alliance Leader Gayton McKenzie Narrates How He Became A Gangster At 13 [Image: X]


The thrilled politician decided to motivate his followers today. He told of how he joined a life of crime at the innocent age of 13.

“I joined the gangs at age 13 as an ice boy. [At] 15, I was a soldier of the gang [and at] 16 I started my own gang. My life consisted of going in and out of jail. I soon became a wanted person by various divisions of the police. I was arrested at age 21. Finally, I appeared in court and was sentenced to 17 years to Grootvlei Maximum Prison. 

Gayton revealed that the sentence ironically excited him:

“I was over the moon because I am now being certified, going to jail or killing someone in gangster world means you have made your bones, it’s like a badge of honor, going to jail was my badge of honour.”

In jail, Gayton became a superstar:

“I entered prison and continued my life of crime and gangsterism. I joined the prison number gangs, soon I ruled the whole prison & nothing will happen in that prison without my say so. My mother kept praying for a changed son. She visited me every weekend for 10 years without fail.”

After a decade behind bars, Gayton walked free and got a job at a security company, earning R1,000. After a few years, he started his own fishing and mining companies. He diversified into owning clubs and a publishing company, becoming a millionaire along the way.

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